Central Illinois Neuropsychological Services provides professional guidance to individuals to initiate a positive change in their lives. Dr. Beverly Matthews is a qualified clinical psychologist with a certificate in clinical neuropsychology who is dedicated to providing the proper insight and treatments to her patients, helping them live long, healthy lives.

Dr. Matthews is a lifelong Central Illinois resident. She is aware of the values and heritage of Central Illinois residents. This combined with a practice geared toward considering the social context of all behavior allows her to practice from an objective perspective. She has been a volunteer with a number of organizations in the Macon County area believing that social interest is an integral part of the person.

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I will be in Decatur on Wednesdays only from 9:00am – 5:00 pm at A & E Behavioral HealthCare Associates.

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Please be advised, if you are unable to keep your appointment with CINS, you MUST give 24 hours notice of your cancellation. Failure to give a 24 hour cancellation notice will result in a $50.00 fee.


beverlyDr. Beverly Matthews PsyD is the owner and clinician at Central Illinois Neuropsychological Services in Decatur, Illinois. She practices from a neuropsychological perspective, incorporating the brain behavior relationship into each individual she evaluates and treats.

Dr. Matthews PsyD has experience in Rehabilitation Psychology having worked both inpatient and outpatient services. She is a graduate of Adler School of Professional Psychology, with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Certificate in Clinical Neuropsychology. She received training at Saint Clare’s Hopital in Alton, IL, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, in the Memory and Aging Clinic, BroMenn Regional Medical Center, in Normal, IL, Christian County Counseling Center, and Lincolnland Community College. She is a former faculty member University of Illinois Psychology Department and Adler School of Professional Psychology.


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Testing Services

Dr. Matthews does not normally allow family or caregivers to sit in and observe testing. Test security is at risk as well as the performance of the test taker. Family members are asked to not interfere or interrupt testing when the Do Not Disturb sign is present on the door. Interruptions may compromise the assessment process and results. Furthermore, the results may not reveal what the client or family is expecting. The process may reveal a similar problem or diagnosis or it may not.

Psychotherapy Services

Note: Results of treatment may vary. Dr. Matthews does not prescribe psychotropic medications, and the referring physician has the final say on any surgical options or prescribed medications.

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